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Meet Our Mentors

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Huma Aslam Profile Image

Huma Aslam

Fashion Tech

Talk to Huma

Huma Aslam is an expert in Fashion Innovation, with a passion for phygital (physical and digital) strategy and a history of facilitating scalable business growth. She is versed in traditional fashion and digital design, digital assets such as NFTs, smart textiles and clothing, technological innovation, Web 3.0 and brand strategy. Huma has a mission to help brands with impactful storytelling.

Donna Bishop Profile Image

Donna Bishop

Founder & CEO
Green Beauty Inc.

Talk to Donna

Donna has over 10 years experience in the fashion and beauty industries. Meet with her for advice on establishing and running an online business and general entrepreneurship, as well as to learn how to incorporate eco/sustainable elements into a line.

Patricia Butler Profile Image

Patricia Butler

Butler & Associates

Talk to Patricia

With over 30 years of sales experience, Patricia can coach you on the “Art of Sales” so you can watch your sales grow! Meet with her for advice on effective sales and marketing, how to boost your market expansion and how to build long-lasting customer relationships.

Joeffer Caoc

Joeffer Caoc


Talk to Joeffer

JOEFFER CAOC is a Canadian brand that has become synonymous with enduring style for over two decades. Designer Joeffer Caoc, the man behind the brand, is ready to offer in-depth guidance on women’s ready-to-wear design, fabric and notion sourcing, and working with local contractors. Having managed a sales team and agents he can offer suggestions on how to approach specialty boutiques in Canada and the USA.

Christian Dare Profile Image

Christian Dare

Merchandising Director & Co-Founder
Stylist Box

Talk to Christian

Christian spent most of his formative years working in Canada’s major fashion centres where he worked in visual merchandising for companies such as the Gap, Club Monaco and Holt Renfrew. Christian is an expert on how to set up effective pop-up shops, windows or tradeshow displays.

Glynis Dupuis Profile Image

Glynis Dupuis

Fashion Business & Contracting

Talk to Glynis

Glynis is temporarily unavaillble. Glynis brings over 20 years of hands-on experience in designing, producing, wholesaling, retailing and buying women’s fashion and footwear. She ran her own fashion business in Toronto and lectures on the business of fashion at Toronto Metropolitan University. Meet Glynis for start-up advice.

Christine Faulhaber Profile Image

Christine Faulhaber

CEO & Founder
Faulhaber Communications

Talk to Christine

Christine is an acclaimed public relations and digital marketing expert who can give you invaluable advice on how to grow your brand and work with PR professionals. She knows how to nurture and grow the entrepreneurial spirit into a successful brand. 

Sabrina Fiorellino Profile Image

Sabrina Fiorellino

Lawyer, Legal Agreements
& Business Law

Talk to Sabrina

Sabrina is an associate lawyer who can offer advice in the areas of fashion law, business law, contracts and commercial agreements. She has a specific interest in the fashion industry, working with luxury brands, as well as new and emerging designers.

Yossi Fisher (1).jpg__PID:169b10e5-d3b6-4db2-ad03-305ed709d2c0

Yossi Fisher

Consultant, Strategist & Founder
Yossi Fisher Studio

Talk to Yossi

With over 20 years of fashion experience, Yossi takes a holistic approach to careers, business and marketing. Born in Toronto and based in Milan, Yossi can help you develop strategies, identify market opportunities and offer advice on your social media content.

Cynthia Florek Profile Image

Cynthia Florek

Fashion Stylist, Creative Director
& Trend Forecaster

Talk to Cynthia

A creative force behind several major retailers, Cynthia has worked with teams on product design, merchandising aesthetics and style direction. Meet with Cynthia to learn about trend forecasting, working with stylists and careers in fashion styling.

Ashlee Froese

Ashlee Froese

Lawyer & Trademark Agent
Froese Law

Talk to Ashlee

Ashlee is a go-to for advice on intellectual property concerns, such as intellectual property law, commercial and corporate law and branding and fashion law. Meet with her to learn about the importance of trademarks and protecting your ideas and brand. 

Wanda Ho Profile Image

Wanda Ho

Consultant, Business Planning
& Financial Management

Talk to Wanda

A former Chartered Accountant, Wanda is expertly qualified to review and assess your business plan and provide advice in the areas of finance and accounting. She knows what it takes to turn brands into viable businesses. Meet with her to brush up on the business side of fashion.

Victoria Crowe Profile Image

Victoria Knight

Digital Strategist

Talk to Victoria

Victoria is on maternity leave November 1, 2023 until the end of April 2024. Please select an alternate mentor. Based in London, Victoria is a leader in e-commerce with experience in digital analytics and content strategies. She can discuss growing your e-commerce business, as well as maximizing your digital content.

Jeffery Kong Profile Image

Jeffery Kong

Domestic & International
Design Consultant

Talk to Jeffery

Jeffery is your point person if you’d like to reach an international market. As a Canadian designer, he has extensive international work experience in all areas of women’s and men’s fashion design, including luxury, bridge, contemporary and more. Meet with him to expand your brand.

Carmen E. Martinez

Carmen E. Martinez

International Marketing, Licensing & Sales Professional

Talk to Carmen

Carmen is a passionate and energetic leader who excels at generating and executing out-of-the-box initiatives locally and globally. Meet with her to gain advice on sales and marketing, such as how to forge strategic partnerships to maximize your exposure and reach.

Gail McInnes Profile Image

Gail McInnes

Founder, Magnet Creative Management
Public Relations, 

Talk to Gail

Gail has been involved in the fashion industry for over 25 years as a publicist and brand manager. She brings her entrepreneurial expertise and insider knowledge to TFI, providing invaluable advice on using social media and publicity to promote and market a brand.

Franco Mirabelli Profile Image

Franco Mirabelli

Fashion Designer, Creative Director & Retail/Manufacturer Consultant

Talk to Franco

Franco is an acclaimed Canadian designer who can offer advice in designing, sourcing, manufacturing, fitting and selling to major retailers (Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom) and US trade shows (Magic, Coterie). He has also designed uniforms (Four Seasons Centre, Hazelton Hotel, Intercontinental Hotels).

Evelyn Reynolds Profile Image

Evelyn Reynolds

Founder & President
Retail Resource Partners Inc.

Talk to Evelyn

Highly accomplished in product development, merchandising and retail management, Evelyn has worked in retail and business development for over 30 years, including in manufacturing and wholesale. With her in-depth fashion retail knowledge, Evelyn can provide business assessment and strategic advice for business growth.

Heidi Ruggier Profile Image

Heidi Ruggier

President, Matte PR

Talk to Heidi

Chat with Heidi about how to create a universe for your brand and capture your target customer. Work with her on overall brand strategy, e-commerce, PR and digital. Established brands can discuss how to engage markets globally while keeping production and design local.

Livia Zufferli Profile Image

Livia Zufferli

Branding & Retail Consultant

Talk to Livia

Livia is an experienced strategist who has launched national campaigns, social activations and in-store marketing. Planning a pop-up? Livia provides expert advice on creating and merchandising the perfect pop-up assortment, in-store evaluations and more techniques to help grow your brand.

Please remember to read the Mentor Consultation Guidelines at the end of each request form regarding
cancellations, no-shows and guest fees.