Fashion Your Future

Think of it as a start-up bootcamp. Fashion Your Future (FYF) is an eight-part webinar series that covers everything from inspiration through to production, especially the business side of fashion. 

Launch Your Brand!

Our exclusive webinars will show you how.

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Models walking the Fashion Your Future runway
Model walking the Fashion Your Future runway
Models walking the Fashion Your Future runway

Here’s what some of our FYF participants have said:

"FYF is doing a great job in providing knowledge to aspiring designers about the basic in and outs of the fashion industry."


"I would like to say a big thank you to the TFI, the City of Toronto, and everyone involved in this program!! It's given me a lot of information to set myself up for success!"


"It's incredible how in only 8 classes we got to see so many interesting topics and also get information first hand from people already established in the fashion industry."


TFI gratefully acknowledges support from the City of Toronto for sponsoring this informative and educational series, as well as ongoing support of our non-profit organization. Also, many thanks to our presenters and panel speakers for their knowledge and expertise.