Colour Alchemist

Colour Alchemist

Company Name: Colour Alchemist Canada
Key Contact Name: Martina CARELLO
Phone Number: (587) 387-7465

122 Valley Stream Circle NW, T3B 5W2
Calgary, AB, T3B5W2

Welcome to Colour Alchemist Canada, your holistic design studio for purpose-driven creations! I'm Martina Carello, and I've been a dedicated force in the Canadian fashion landscape since 1992. With a remarkable journey spanning over three decades, I've honed my skills in apparel and fashion design, patternmaking, and textile development, amassing a wealth of knowledge that can be a valuable asset to you and your company.

As a testament to our expertise, my team and I are here to elevate your product to extraordinary heights. Our strength lies in apparel engineering, encompassing every facet of the design process, from precise pattern drafting to ensuring the perfect size and fit branding. We excel in the technical design, grading, and all the meticulous pre-production processes that set the stage for the perfect production of your garments.

For professionals with a vision to bring fashion or utility clothing to the market, consider us your trusted partner. My team and I are here to provide you with a comprehensive product development experience that guarantees your desired results. With Colour Alchemist Canada, your journey to fashion success begins here, where purpose meets passion, and innovation knows no bounds. We're ready to turn your fashion dreams into reality.