Learn about Live Selling

Learn about Live Selling

Click here for a recording our our webinar held on April 2, 2024, about Live Selling.

Live Shopping is a rapidly emerging sales tactic tailor-made for D2C fashion brands and retailers looking to boost sales. It can amplify your brand’s presence, foster authentic connections and loyalty with your customers and ultimately drive sales.

Live shopping, also known as "livestream shopping", combines the convenience of e-commerce, with the engaging format of live streaming, and the reach of social media to create a unique interactive shopping experience. In the modern-day retail industry, shaped by continuous technological advancements, shifting consumer behaviours, and global events, brands and retailers need to constantly reimagine their marketing strategies to stay competitive and ahead of the curve.


Guest Speaker:

Carolyn Galvin has more than 25 years of live production experience working at the highest levels of the Canadian media industry, executing world-class productions such as the Olympic Games, Grammy Awards Red Carpet and overseeing the broadcast and original content division at Today’s Shopping Choice, Canada’s only television shopping channel.

With this blend of live production and commerce expertise, Carolyn has created ClikIt Media, a production agency that helps brands build professional end-to-end live commerce strategies, optimizing the power of live selling to generate sales and drive growth.