About TFI

The award-winning Toronto Fashion Incubator is the world's first fashion incubator that's inspired over 30 cities around the world to adopt its innovative co-sharing concept. Since TFI's launch in 1987, major fashion meccas including London, Paris, New York and Milan have gone on to start a fashion incubator.

For over three decades, TFI has fostered many of Canada’s most celebrated talents such as Christopher Paunil, David Dixon, Foxy Originals, Garrison Bespoke, Greta Constantine, Jenny Bird, Laura Siegel, Line Knitwear, Sentaler, Sid Neigum, Smythe and Todd Lynn.

Our Mandate

TFI inspires, mentors and educates new and emerging fashion designers about the business of fashion. Through our various networking events, export development missions and educational seminars, which are open to the community, we share invaluable information and opportunities to help creative entrepreneurs develop the professional skills and strategies they need to thrive and survive. 

TFI Board of Directors and Advisory Committee

Jordin Mimran, Chair
David Dixon, President
Tamara Mimran, Corporate Secretary
Laurie Belzak
Karen Jolley
Christine Raissis
Evelyn Reynolds

TFI Honorary Board

Simona Shnaider, Chair
Jeanne Beker
Glenn Dixon
Sylvia Mantella
Nicholas Mellamphy
Suzanne Rogers


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