If you're a current TFI member, you get 120 minutes of FREE, PERSONALIZED, PRIVATE, ONE-ON-ONE consultation time to use within your membership year. Meet with one of our professional, experienced mentors below or divide your time and meet with several different ones. You can ask for help with your business plan, discover how to build cohesiveness into your line, learn the proper way to approach and follow up with retail buyers and more.

Mentor appointments are by application only so sign up today for a 30- or 60-minute appointment using the TFI  Consultation Request Form. Prepare for your mentor appointment by clicking here.


If you cancel your mentor consultation appointment without providing at least one business day's prior notice to TFI, you will lose that amount of time from your allocation. If you arrive late for your mentor appointment, your session will conclude at the regularly scheduled time and you will lose the amount of time from your allocation. All of TFI's mentors are busy professionals who volunteer their time and often they’re running back to work after meeting with members. Please be respectful and grateful by arriving on time for your appointment and providing at least one business day’s prior notice if you need to cancel.


Please note that your 120 minutes of FREE mentor consultation time EXPIRES on your MEMBERSHIP EXPIRY DATE and all unused allocated time cannot be rolled over to the next membership year. We strongly advise members to submit the TFI  Consultation Request Form EARLY and to allow up to 6 months for an appointment in order to not be disappointed. Please refer to your TFI membership card for your expiry date or refer to the date in your TFI “welcome email greeting" which you received when joining or renewing. You can also contact TFI and we can let you know when you expire.


Due to the greatly reduced membership fee for full-time students and the number of regular TFI  Outreach and Resident members (over 650), we are unable to offer consultation time to TFI student members. Please contact TFI if you wish to upgrade your membership and access 120 free minutes of mentoring time.




Huma Aslam
Fashion Business Consultant
Set up a meeting with Huma if you would like some advice on how to start a fashion business, how to create, produce & sell your collection globally and how to work with contractors - domestic & off-shore.




Donna Bishop
Founder/CEO, Green Beauty Inc.
Meet Donna Bishop who has over 10 years in the fashion & beauty industries in the areas of setting up and running an online business, general entrepreneurship and incorporating eco/sustainable elements into a line.




Patricia Butler
Sales Guru
With over 30 years of sales experience, let Patricia coach you on the "Art of Sales" and watch your sales grow! 





Christian Dare
Merchandising Director and Co-Founder, Stylist Box
Christian spent most of his formative years living and working in Canada’s major cultural and fashion centres where he worked in visual merchandising for companies such as the Gap, Club Monaco, Ralph Lauren, H&M and Holt Renfrew.




Glynis Dupuis
Fashion Business Consultant
A TFI New Label’s alumna, Glynis brings 20+ years of experience in designing, producing, wholesaling, retailing and buying women’s fashion.



Christine Faulhaber
Principal, Faulhaber Communications
Meet Christine Faulhaber, a public and media relations specialist, who can give you tips and advice on how to use PR to grow your brand and how to work with PR professionals.



Cynthia Florek
Fashion Stylist & Creative Director
As the creative force behind several major retailers, Cynthia has worked with teams on product design, merchandising aesthetics and style direction. Meet with Cynthia for advice on trendforecasting, working with stylists and about careers in fashion styling.









Sabrina Fiorellino
Sabrina is an associate lawyer practicing in the areas of fashion law, business law, contracts & commercial agreements. She has a specific interest in the fashion industry, working with luxury brands as well as new and emerging designers.
















Ashlee Froese
Lawyer, trademark agent, Certified Specialist in Trademarks Law, Froese Law

Meet with Ashlee about intellectual property concerns such as intellectual property law, commercial and corporate law, branding and fashion law


Wanda Ho
Business Consultant
Having worked as a Chartered Accountant for many years, Wanda is expertly qualified to review and assess your business plan and provide advice in the areas of finance and accounting.




Olga Koel
Industry Consultant
A proven executive with progressive successful experience in the manufacturing and retail sector, Olga's areas of expertise include sourcing, production, planning and design.




Jeffery Kong
Design Consultant
Interested in reaching an international market? Meet with Jeffery Kong, a Canadian designer with extensive international work experience in all areas of women’s and men’s fashion design including, apparel and accessories at all levels of the market including, Luxury, Designer, Bridge, Contemporary, Vertical and Department Stores.



Asha Mahabir
Director, Rodair Customs Brokers
Confused or unsure about how to get your samples or shipment across the border? Meet with Asha to find out the right way to do this and avoid getting caught up at customs.




Carmen E. Martinez
International Marketing, Licensing & Sales Professional
Carmen is a passionate and energetic leader, generating and executing out-of-the-box initiatives locally and globally. Gain advice on sales & marketing such as how to forge strategic partnerships to maximize your exposure and reach.




Gail McInnes
Owner, Magnet Creative Management and Co-Founder, Stylist Box
Gail McInnes has been involved in the fashion industry for over 20 years as a talent and brand manager. She brings her inherent Scottish charm, expertise and insider knowledge to TFI, providing advice on using social media to promote and market a brand.



Clara Northcott
Publicist, President, Northcott Communications
A public relations and event management specialist representing international and national brands for over 15 years, Clara offers mentorship in the areas of sponsorships & public/media relations.




Anita Pastor
Retail Consultant
Anita offers 10 years plus of retail fashion and interior design experience having held buyer positions in Hudson’s Bay Company, Barrymore Furniture and Decorium, as well as operating her own business in the Interior Design and Consulting Industry.  Her expertise ranges from branding to merchandise presentations, retail pricing, marketing, coaching designers on how best to present yourself to a potential buyer and national and overseas manufacturing in the areas of furniture, home accessories, dinnerware, dresses, belts and jewellery.


Evelyn Reynolds
Founder/President, Retail Resource Partners Inc.
Highly accomplished in business management and merchandising, Evelyn has worked in retail for over 30 years as well as in manufacturing/wholesale. With her in-depth experience, Evelyn can provide company assessment & growth strategies.



Heidi Ruggier
President, Matte PR
Chat with Heidi to learn how to optimize media and influencer relations, digital marketing, events and website design and content development. Interested in opening an e-commerce boutique? Heidi can give you information on how to create and launch an online store using Shopify.



Clint Scott
HR Talent Scout & Recruiter
Are you a new boss and need help sourcing & recruiting staff, assessing applicants & interviewing them? Meet Clint, a human resources professional with over 12 years of experience.




Anouk Natalya Willy
Design Consultant
Trained in Haute Couture techniques, Natalya has apprenticed in Paris under the couturiers of Chanel, Mme Gres and Jean Paul Gaultier.




Livia Zufferli
Branding & Retail Consultant
Livia Zufferli is an experienced market and retail strategist who's launched national campaigns, social activations and in-store marketing. Meet with Livia for advice on developing a successful brand, how to create and merchandise the perfect pop-up, get an in-store evaluation with tips and more!



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